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DTH Shanks

The DHD Shanks are applicable for underground mining as well as down the hole rock drilling tasks in the construction industry. These are provided with tungsten carbide inserts of optimum quality. The bits of these are made from high grade steel by making the use of state-of-the-art CNC machinery and effective heat treatment process. As the piston stands in direct contact with the drill spot, a very less amount of energy energy is lost. This enables a constant penetration rate in the DHD Shanks, regardless of hole dimension. These have availability in concave and flat face designs.
Provided with convex and flat face designs, the QL Shanks are applicable for quarry mining, blast holes, water well and geothermal drilling applications. Supplied with a proprietary heat treatment processes that is extremely effective, these ensure a long service life and advanced strength. Having compressive residual stress layer, the shanks can also manage to improve their resisting capacity against metal fatigue. The convex structured QL Shanks are designed specifically for homogeneous, medium and hard rock formations. These ensure optimum flushing capacity as well as great hole deviation control. Their classic designs allow them to make an excellent penetration rate.
We offer BR Shanks, which are suited for dealing with hard rock of good ground conditions. The usage of these ensure maximal penetration rate. The shanks can also deal with abrasive formations and enable the utilization of finer insert density. Suited to deal with all conical, spherical and ballistic tipped chips, these can be reduced to a minimum tensile area to counterbalance for the rise made in rigidity. BR Shanks have increased level of hardness, which also enable an elastic bolt. These can also deal with the eccentric loading and cyclic bending procedures. The shanks are offered with improved joint design as well as less upkeep and fixture costs.
Offered Panther Shanks are the shanks of flat faces. These have been designed to execute the drilling task in mining & construction as well as water well industry. Offered with flat face hemispherical buttons designs, these are suitable for abrasive rock formations. Suited for the applications in need of high air pressure, these ensure optimal penetration rate as well as resistance to steel wash. Panther Shanks are highly suited for hard rock formations due to the flat face design as these give them durability. Panther Shanks are very stable in nature and are tolerant to voided, fractured and loose formations. These can also deal with abrasive formations and ensure improved hole cleaning.
Offered SD Shanks are the drilling shanks provided in flat face and concave structures. Offered with electric power source and 4 inch to 12 inches dimension, these are used for the drilling work in both ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals. Eliminating all the drilling problems, these can make holes in plastic, metal and wood. These easy to use mechanisms are provided with light weight structures as well as sharp cutting flute patterns. The SD Shanks are provided with proprietary heat treatment procedures so as to ensure extended service life. These are also offered with compressive residual stress layer that are added to boost their resistance power against metal fatigue.